Causes and Effects of Immigration

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Causes and Effects of Immigration

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Causes and effects of immigration

Thesis: the immigration is a big social problem. People immigrate because they want to have job, to run from dangerous situation and to have better education. I_ causes of immigration
A_ some people are forced to move due to a conflict or to escape persecution and prejudice. B_ other people may voluntarily emigrate.
II_ Effects of immigration
A_ the immigrants will offer various benefits for the recipient country like immigrants will often do jobs that people in the host country will not or can`t do. B_ for the host country`s economy, immigrants offer an increased talent pool, if they have been well education in their original country. C_ high crime rates were common among previous immigrant groups when they were still new comers, particularly the Irish, Italian and Jewish. D_ as for learning English, the truth is also more appealing than myth. Many of the people who have immigrated don`t speak the language well, if at all, but that’s a transient phenomenon with a time tested treatment reproduction. III_ the drawbacks of immigration

A_ immigrants can be exploited for their cheap labor, developing countries may suffer brain drain as the limited resources they spend in educating their students amount to very little if that talent is enticed to another country. B_ immigration can become a social political issue where racism can be used to exploit feelings or as an excuse current woes of local population. Causes and Effects of Immigration

Immigration is one of the problems that most of countries have. You can find immigrants everywhere and that is because of many problems. Immigration seems to be making more headline in recent years. As the world globalizes in terms of nations economics, trade and investment, borders are opened up more easily for freer flow of goods and products. People are supposedly freer to move around the world. Sometimes immigration has good effects and sometimes it has bad effects but why do people immigrate and leave their counties and everything and go for the unknowable? What do they think they will have there? Why do they think they will live in the dream land? There should be many reasons for that. Knowing the reasons of why people immigrate, trying the solve them and knowing what are the effects of immigration are our goal.

There are many causes of immigration. One of the causes is conflict. Wars and conflicts are the main reasons of why people immigrate. When there is a war or conflict in a country, life becomes almost impossible there because the first think that will fall down is the economic, so people will suffer getting jobs and having good salaries and that will influence badly on their life, so they will start looking for a batter life outside the country and that is where the first step of immigration start. Also during wars life become like a big jail because if you move one step your life will be in danger. (shah, 2008,p.2/13)

Another cause of immigration is that people may voluntary immigrate because they can`t get what they want in their country. For example: they study and graduate but they can`t get jobs or the educational system in the country is bad, so they immigrate seeking for a good schools and universities. The International Organization for Migration ( IOM ) said there are more than 300 million migrants around the world today. Europe, hosted the largest number of immigrants, with 70.6 million people in 2005, the latest year for which figures are available. North America, with over 45.1 million immigrants, is second, followed by Asia, which hosts nearly 25.3 million. Most of today is migrant work come from Asia. (...

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