Catering Proposal Quote Template

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Name of Catering Company
Address of Catering Company
Phone # - Website URL


Client’s Name & Title
Client’s Address
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. __(Client’s Name)___,

Thank you for the opportunity to cater your event. We look forward to sharing our food and services with you and your guests. We know that planning an event can be stressful, so we promise to do everything we can to ease the burden on you.

We have taken all of your concerns and requests into consideration as we developed this proposal and quote. We would like to assure you that our food and services will meet your high standards and suit your personal tastes. In addition to our standard menu and food services, we also offer other services such as event planning, tabletop decoration, room decoration, photography, etc. (List Additional Services).

In this proposal, we have only included the services that you selected. Please feel free to notify us if you have any concerns or additional services that you would like to request.

We hope that you will find this proposal for _ Name of Event_, on _Date of Event_ at _Time of Event_, held at _Event Location_, to your liking. We look forward to helping to provide all _Guest Count_ of your guests with an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

__Name of Caterer Owner/Manager___


Individual Cost Total Cost


List of appetizers$$$/person or platter total $$$$


List of entrees $$$/person or platter total $$$$


List of sides$$$/person or platter total $$$$


List of desserts $$$/person or platter total $$$$
WaterFree of cost$0

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

List of drinks$$$/person or pitcher total $$$$

Alcoholic Drinks

List of drinks$$$/person or drink total $$$$

Additional Food Service Fees
Chafing Dish Rental $$$$
Disposable Utensils & Dinnerware $$$$
Cake Cutting Fee $$$$
Etc. $$$$

Total Food & Drink Costs $$$$

NumberHourly Wage Total Cost

Labor Costs
Coordinatorsx$$$/hr $$$$
Supervisorsx$$$/hr $$$$
Buffet Runnersx$$$/hr $$$$
Buffet Attendantsx$$$/hr $$$$
Serversx$$$/hr $$$$
Bartendersx$$$/hr $$$$
Kitchen Managersx$$$/hr $$$$

Total Cost $$$$$

Extra Services
Tent Rental $$$$
Flower Arrangements $$$$
Centerpiece Rental $$$$
Event Planning Service $$$$
Delivery Fee $$$$
Operations Charge $$$$

Total Cost$$$$$

Explanation of Fees

Event Planning Service
If a client requests that the caterer coordinate the venue rental & décor, entertainment, photography, valet parking, flower arranging or other aspects of planning the event, there will be a small fee charged for this service to account for the labor needed to plan the event.

Delivery Fee
If the event takes place more than x miles from Location of Caterer , a fee of x$/mile will be added to the total costs to cover gas and vehicle mileage.

Operations Charge
This charge covers the overhead for the rental of the kitchen, payment of kitchen employees and utility costs for the commercial kitchen.

Total Cost of Labor & Extra Services $$$$

Final Quote
Food & Drink $$$$
Labor Costs $$$$
Extra Services $$$$
Final Total Costs $$$$$$
Deposit Amount $$$$$$

Company Policies

Guaranteed Minimum Guest Count & Time Duration
The fees and pricing quoted in this proposal are estimates based on the client’s guaranteed minimum guest count...
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