Case Study #2

Topics: Problem solving, Team, Problem Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: March 4, 2013
1. What outcomes or tools could you use to assess the effectiveness of this team?

I would say that using the definition of teleology and the aspects of groupthink will say a lot about how this team functions. First of all, what they are doing when they get together is groupthink. Each woman comes from a different area of study and is applying what they know to try to make the best outcome. Obviously, these women are having some problems because only some are willing to mesh what they know with what everyone else knows. Dr. Hidyat and Dr. Linett seem to be very egotistical according to the moral philosophy of teleology. They sit there and listen to what everyone has to say but don’t really acknowledge their points of view. This is the negative effect of groupthink because they’re doing a lot more disagreeing than agreeing, and it’s not getting them to solution that is best for the children. There’s no doubt that Drs. Hidyat and Linett are very strong-willed. They go into the meetings with what they know and they stick to it. It’s their way or the highway and they’re not very accommodating at all while the other women are willing to compromise what they believe is best. With people on the team that won’t budge from their opinion, the team is not going to be very effective at all.

2. In monitoring this team, what are the most serious issues and problems? Are these problems internal and task related, internal and group maintenance related or externally related? Why do you say this?

I think that the most serious issue is egoism as I mentioned in the first question. It’s very difficult to work with people that are not going to listen and take into account anything you have to say about the subject. The fact that no one is ever satisfied with the outcome each week is a huge problem. They are working together to help children with cancer, and it’s not a task that they can take lightly. Everything...
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