Case Observation: White v. Patrick Gibbs and O’Malley’s Tavern

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Bar, Alcoholism Pages: 4 (1382 words) Published: May 7, 2014
Case Observation
White v. Patrick Gibbs and O’Malley’s Tavern

In the case of White v. Patrick Gibbs and O’Malley’s Tavern, Mrs. White is suing Mr. Gibbs and O’Malley’s Tavern in the death of her husband, Mr. White. Mr. Edward Hard was a patron of the tavern the night of the accident with Mr. and Mrs. White. Mr. Hard was in a relationship with Mrs. White before she married Mr. White. Mr. Hard saw Mr. and Mrs. White leave the tavern on this night and followed them out the door. Mrs. White observed Mr. Hard drinking several alcoholic beverages while they were there. When Mr. and Mrs. White where leaving Mr. Hard confronted Mr. White telling him that “she should be my wife” and “this is not over.” After Mr. and Mrs. White got in their car and were leaving the establishment, Mr. Hard followed them driving recklessly. He was swerving across the road, driving in the opposite lane, and hitting mailboxes. His recklessness and inability to drive due to being intoxicated resulted in him crashing into Mr. and Mrs. White’s vehicle ultimately killing Mr. White and severely injuring Mrs. White. This court case took place in United States District Court in the Northern District of Indiana. This is court case number 82A04-8876-CB285, White vs. Patrick Gibbs and O’Malley’s Tavern. The lawyers in this case are Benjamin Walton, Jordan Van Meter who represent the defendants Patrick Gibbs and O’Malley’s Tavern and Jackson Welch, Amanda Babot who represent the plaintiff Debbie White. Mr. Gibbs and O’Malley’s Tavern claim they were not actually knowledgeable that Mr. Daniels, the bartender, knew that Mr. Hard was intoxicated before severing him his last drink and leaving the establishment. Without actual knowledge, Mr. Gibbs and O’Malley’s Tavern would not be subject to any wrongdoing. Working in a restaurant that has severed alcohol, I have seen patrons that were unable to leave under their own power. I don’t understand how someone, unless they were new to bartending...
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