Case Analyses - the Global Baby Bust

Topics: Population, Demography, Retirement Pages: 3 (979 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Case Analyses - The Global Baby Bust
1. What are the implications of the global baby bust for marketers of consumer goods? * A marketplace responding to an aging population
For a number of the challenges associated with aging, consumers can find a helpful ally in the many manufacturers and product designers who are catering to "niche markets" (gearing their products specifically to address age-related needs) and enhancing their traditional products targeted to seniors and older boomers. * Changing Households

Generally speaking, households are becoming smaller, with fewer children and with time-stressed parents. That’s mean contributes to the decreasing household sizes. * Living alone can be challenging for consumers

One-person households are growing faster than one-family households. The likelihood of living alone is highest for seniors, especially among the most elderly seniors. The increasing instability of conjugal unions is another likely contributing factor. The growing proportion of one-person households implies that more and more face specific consumer challenges. Not only do individuals living alone manage with only one income, they also bear "costs" in terms of lost economies of scale for much expenditure, such as housing, groceries and telephone charges. Living alone can even affect where people shop. * Households without children are the majority

Related to the overall decline in the fertility rate is the fact that Canadian women who have children do so at a later age: women aged 30 to 34 now have a higher birth rate than do women aged 20 to 24.The increasing age at which women have their first child reflects the tendency of women today to first complete their education and/or establish themselves in the work force before raising a family.

2. What are the implications of the global baby bust for marketers who sell to government? * Implications of growing retirement
Retirement wave is likely to be particularly acute in...
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