Carl Matt is the only character that changes throughout the novel, "A Bridge to Wiseman's COve" by James Moloney, do you agree? (DRAFT 3)

Topics: Self-esteem, Change, Boy Pages: 3 (1089 words) Published: July 1, 2008
In the novel A Bridge to Wisemans Cove by James Moloney. Many characters have dealt with life changing situations. The most central character in the novel, Carl Matt, a fifteen year old boy who has experienced tragic situations, experienced the most change. When Carls destiny took him on a journey towards Wisemans Cove he met new people that changed his self esteem. One of the people that Carl met in Wisemans Cove was Skip Duncan. Skip was an aggressive man who experienced life altering changes after allowing Carl and Harley into his life. Harley on the other hand was a boy that was always in trouble, but through experiencing the tender love of a motherly figure he changes for the better. The novel introduces the way people change in their life and that are able to handle tough situations.

Carl Matt was a shy boy with a low self esteem at the start of the novel, but when Carl met Joy in the middle of the street he changed. Carl allowed his sister Sarah to move away and send him and his brother to their Aunty Beryls. Beryl would verbally and physically abuse the both of them, but Carl would never speak up. The chain that secured Harleys bike padlocked on the window frame at the other end, it met a pair of handcuffs, one which was clamped around Harleys ankle. (pg96) While Carl was staying at Wattle Beach he met new people and became more open. You dont know of any work, I suppose how about on the island? He asked joy quickly. (pg 57) When Carl ran into Joy on the street it changed his self esteem. He knelt in the middle of it all, scooping the mess into piles until his fingers bled. Im so sorry .He mumbled. (pg 56) When Carl met Joy his life changed completely. Skip helped him by giving him a job on the barge. Justine also helped him, by making him more open to everyone. Carl opened up more, by standing up to Beryl .He made everyone know that his not like every other Matt in his family. Not only did Carl change in this novel, other people did as well.

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