Canadian Immigration

Topics: Population, Immigration, Demography Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: January 23, 2014
To Immigrate Or Not To Immigrate
“Canada could not help the world by taking more immigrants, and could only destroy its own way of life in attempting to do so.” “ would have to reduce immigration”

Immigration is the movement of people or peoples from one country to another. There are many different reasons to immigrate such as seeking safety from war or prosecution in your country, better job opportunities, or to reconnect with family members. The source suggests that the increase immigration coming to Canada is causing us to lose our identity of what makes us Canadian. The source is against immigration and feels that it is destroying our way of life. Some people would say the source is 100% correct. There are thousands of immigrants coming to Canada every year and the major cities that these immigrants are going to can’t provide homes fast enough to meet their needs for housing. With all the different cultures that are coming to Canada it would break us apart, force us away from one another because we don’t believe in the same religion or have different visions of what’s right and wrong. Of course not everyone would agree with the source of this topic. They might point out how all these different ethnic groups bring more diversity to Canada and introduce us to new ideas or ways of thinking. These immigrants are also the only way to keep Canada from loosing population as the rate of deaths and births in Canada grow increasingly closer. Many people would look at this and see many points that are both correct and incorrect. They might say that of course Canada needs to keep bringing in immigrants but we have to make better accommodations for housing before they bring them in. I personally feel that the source is incorrect and we need immigration. As with most 1st world countries Canada's citizens are having fewer and fewer kids. The death rate...
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