Can Computer Replace Human Beings

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“Can computers replace Human Beings?”

What we think computer is ?

Many of us think that computers are many times faster, more powerful and more capable when compared to humans simply because they can perform calculations thousands of time faster, workout logical computations without error and store memory at incredible speeds with flawless accuracy.

Human Brain:

We can only estimate the processing power of the average human brain as there is no way to measure it quantitatively as of yet. If the theory of taking nerve volume to be proportional to processing power is true we then, may have a correct estimate of the human brain's processing power. * by simple calculation, we can estimate the processing power of a average brain to be about 100 million MIPS (Million computer Instructions Per Second ). In case you're wondering how much speed that is, let us give you an idea. * 1999's fastest PC processor chip on the market was a 700 MHz pentium that did 4200 MIPS. By simple calculation, we can see that we would need at least 24,000 of these processors in a system to match up to the total speed of the brain !!

Computers have brought a revolution in human life. To begin with, computers took over different human activities. Now even thinking and problem-solving are being done by computer

The situation makes many of us believe that computers are likely to replace human beings in every walk of life. But every coin has two sides. However useful they may be, computers cannot replace human beings. Human life is not a mechanical affair. A pearl like tear silently rolls down the cheek at the memory of the loved one. A compliment by an elderly person restores the confidence of a depressed person. Computers have intelligence and think like human beings? Will computer be superior to us and replace us in the future? On hearing the questions, many people may think that it’s impossible that computer will be superior to human. Computer is made by us; it’s only...
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