Business Lunch Etiquette

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Drink, Mobile phone Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Kapafule Lusanga
Class: BUSN 279-001
Assignment: Business Lunch etiquette
1. Brian was busy text, he did not shake Linda jones hand when she was introduced because he was on the phone chatting, he wasn’t supposed to be the first on to order the leaker (Gin and tonic) he could have wait to what others are drinking. He was the first one to order the food, and again he is the first one to start eating. 2. I will advise him that next time if he has a business lunch appointment again in his life, he need to do some research on how to behave in front of professional people. i will start with the introduction rule to all social situation, including dinning, meeting, reception and parties. First, when someone introduce you to an unknown and that person his try to give you a handshake, you need to grip the other person hand too. Second, it is inappropriate to be texting at the dinner table when you are having dinner with professional people. Third, when serving drinks, you need to offer other people first before you can start drinking your drink. Fours, do not order alcohol unless other people at the table first order an alcoholic beverage. Fifth, you need to give a chance to other people to be the first one to order the food not you. Sixth, the use of a mobile communication device at the table is inappropriate. And final, you need how to say good bay by shaking hand at the end of the dinner. 3. If can put myself in Karen shoes, I am sure she was very disappoint with Brian behavior. However, Karen had nothing do or act in front of her future client how is planning to bring then business in the future. Am sure she was not expecting to see Brian behaving like that. All what she could do is to act as professional with good miners in front of the client by having a pleasure altitude like everything was just ok, putting her client first, showing her the respect and courtesy.
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