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Topics: Population growth, Economic growth, Population Pages: 3 (1020 words) Published: January 30, 2013

I take this as my absolute pleasure to have gotten an opportunity to write a paper about my country, Nepal and make people aware of some of the facts of this country. The fact that my country has not been explored and recognized is a bitter truth; however I am still proud to say that I come from this beautiful land. I would also like to thank Mr. Daniel smith for giving me a broader insight of economic growth of a country and its causes throughout our course session. The broader knowledge of Foreign aid, importance of good institution, Reconstruction, anarchy etc. are some of the important topics that will enable to make our analysis in a different point of view. Moreover, I am also thankful to all my class mates in the class that were supportive and generous. The fact that each one of them were from different country made us learn the economic perspectives more internationally. I am sure that I will be benefitted from this knowledge for the entire lifetime.

The multi cultured, multi ethnic and multilingual country Nepal is well known for its natural beauty and latitudinal variation. Nepal is regarded as an imaginative dreamland in Asia. The country with ancient art, temples, palaces Nepal has been the land of attraction for many people in the world. The country of Himalayas, Nepal is a landlocked country that is squeezed in between two great countries China and India. The country has an area of 56,827 square miles with 800 kilometers of length and 200 kilometers of breadth. The Mount Everest as high as 8,500 meters is located here and it is regarded as the highest mountain in the world. Nepal is believed to have a history as old as nine thousand years. Gautam Buddha ,the founder of Buddhism was born in Nepal. Nepal is only the Hindu country in the world. However, other religions are also prevalent in Nepal such as Buddhism, Islam, Sikh etc. Therefore, we can see the mixture of culture, group, religion and languages. The...
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