Bullying in School

Topics: Bullying, Self-esteem, Relational aggression Pages: 3 (965 words) Published: May 11, 2013
How Bullying affects children in School
Why would a child begin to bully other children? If someone has been a victim of bullying, they would probably say there's no excuse for bullying. And in the real world everyone is correct there is no reason for bullying not matter what the excuses will be. When we understand the causes and effects of bullying then we can address the ever growing problem in schools.

A lot of bullies in school lack empathy for the person they are picking on. Most kids learn bullying while they are at home where there is little to no parental supervision and where aggression towards the children is used to maintain obedience in the house. When a child feels inadequate and jealous is another reason for a child to bully in school. In most cases you will see that attitude towards the victim will be because of someone's race, social standing in school and culture. When a person lacks compassion and empathy you will also see that bullying is a lot more common among children.

When a child doesn't have parental supervision or is being bullied by another family member in the house or the child is allowed to do whatever they want, the child will not learn self control. (Martin, Maria) When the child acts out and has bad behavior and the parent doesn't punish the child for his or her behavior this will sometimes empower them to dominate other children when they are at school. If parents don't set limitations for their child because they were abused as a child this sometimes will lead them not to use disciplinary measures because they might see this as a form of abuse.

However aggressive behavior from the parents can cause children to act out at school and cause them to bully other kids. If a child sees their parents show aggression towards their partner, children will adopt this behavior and act out at school. (Smokowski PR, Kopasz, KH) This leads to teachers not being able to control this type of behavior in school since they are need...

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