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Topics: Self-esteem, Bullying, Suicide Pages: 2 (422 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Harrisburg High school was bully central. 75% of all students were either being bullied or doing the bullying, unaware of the damage being done. Students who bully are some of the leading causes of death due to suicide by those bullied. The effects on teenagers are possible suicide and low self-esteem, one possible solution would be counseling for those who bully.

To begin, an effect of bullying on teenagers is possible suicide. Kayla Marcella would be 19 years old this year .Marcella committed suicide on December 18, 2007 the day of her birthday. Kayla was taunted and teased about the way she dressed, being intelligent and hers braces. She tried to ignore it but it built up inside her until she cracked. No one knew besides hers Sister Jakayla Marcella, she didn’t tell her parents that her sister was being bullied until it was already too late and Kayla was already deceased. Kayla committing suicide is an example of possible suicide. Kayla couldn’t take another day of being taunted and teased which lead to her death. Therefore, possible suicide is an effects of bullying on teenagers.

Furthermore, an effect of bullying on teens is low esteem. Rodney Dunbar was an excellent football player. Rodney got associated with some drug dealers who continuously beat and abused him for taking the right path in life. The drug dealers were friends of his grandmothers which meant they were always around. Everything they said to Rodney was negative. Slowly Rodney’s self esteem started to decrease and he no longer liked himself. This example shows how self esteem can be an effect of bullying. The drug dealers manipulated Rodney and ridiculed him. Therefore, low self esteem is an effect of bullying.

Ultimately, a possible solution of bullying on teenagers is counseling for those who bully. Studies show teens ages 13 to 19 have problems expressing their anger in a positive way. Teens who do counseling programs find positive ways to express themselves. Counseling for...
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