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Chapter 40 Exam – Student Copy

40.1 Multiple-Choice Questions

1) Trees are rare in the savanna biome because of
A) insufficient annual precipitation.
B) acidic soils.
C) extreme winter temperatures.
D) large variations in seasonal rainfall.
E) permafrost.

2) Which of the following statements best describes the effect of climate on biome distribution? A) Average annual temperature and precipitation are sufficient to predict which biome will be found in an area. B) Seasonal fluctuation of temperature is not a limiting factor in biome distribution if areas have the same annual temperature and precipitation means. C) Not only is the average climate important in determining biome distribution, but so is the pattern of climatic variation. D) Temperate forests and grasslands are different biomes because they receive a different quality and quantity of sunlight, even though they have essentially the same annual temperature and precipitation. E) Correlation of climate with biome distribution is sufficient to determine the cause of biome patterns.

3) In the ecological development of terrestrial biomes, which factor is most dependent on all the others? A) the species of colonizing animals
B) prevailing temperature
C) prevailing rainfall
D) mineral nutrient availability
E) soil structure

4) The growing season would generally be shortest in which of the following biomes? A) savanna
B) temperate broadleaf forest
C) temperate grassland
D) tropical rain forest
E) northern coniferous forest

5) Trees are not usually found in the tundra biome because of A) insufficient annual precipitation.
B) acidic soils.
C) extreme winter temperatures.
D) overbrowsing by musk ox and caribou.
E) permafrost.

6) Which of the following levels of ecological organization is arranged in the correct sequence from most to least inclusive? A) community, ecosystem, individual, population
B) ecosystem, community, population, individual
C) population, ecosystem, individual, community
D) individual, population, community, ecosystem
E) individual, community, population, ecosystem

7) Which of the following choices includes all of the others in creating global terrestrial climates? A) differential heating of Earth's surface
B) ocean currents
C) global wind patterns
D) evaporation of water from ocean surfaces
E) Earth's rotation on its axis

8) Why is the climate drier on the leeward side of mountain ranges that are subjected to prevailing winds? A) Deserts create dry conditions on the leeward side of mountain ranges. B) The sun illuminates the leeward side of mountain ranges at a more direct angle, converting to heat energy, which evaporates most of the water present. C) Pushed by the prevailing winds on the windward side, air is forced to rise, cool, condense, and drop its precipitation, leaving drier air to descend the leeward side. D) Air masses pushed by the prevailing winds are stopped by mountain ranges and the moisture is used up in the stagnant air masses on the leeward side. E) More organisms live on the sheltered, leeward side of mountain ranges where their utilization of water lowers the amount available when compared to the windward side.

9) What would be the effect on climate in the temperate latitudes if Earth were to slow its rate of rotation from a 24-hour period of rotation to a 48-hour period of rotation? A) Seasons would be longer and more distinct (colder winters and warmer summers). B) There often would be a smaller range between daytime high and nighttime low temperatures. C) Large-scale weather events such as tornadoes and hurricanes would no longer be a part of regional climates. D) Winter seasons in both the northern and southern hemispheres would have more abundant and frequent precipitation events. E) There often would be a larger range between daytime high and nighttime low temperatures.

10) Palm trees and subtropical plants are commonplace in Land's End, England, whose latitude is the...
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