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Hannah McCain
Instructor Fogarty
Eng. 098
November 24, 2010

Bottoms Up
Every major college should ban bottomless drinking because there are so many deaths in college that have alcohol involved. Not only that, but it can cause major health issues down the road; and failing grades. Banning bottomless drinking is a very smart way to limit the amount of alcohol college students consume these days, take it from me, a college student.

There are many different incidents where kids have been scarred for life because of an accident they had involving alcohol. A kid named Matt in Reno was with his friends up at Lohotton Lake and they had been drinking a lot of alcohol. They thought that it would be fun to go four wheeling in a jeep and everyone, including the driver, had been drinking excessively throughout the whole night. Matt’s girlfriend was on her way up to meet him when she heard about a car crash that had just happened and she went to find out more. What she didn’t know was that what she was about to hear would affect her for the rest of her life. The jeep had rolled and the one kid that had died was her boyfriend Matt. The jeep crushed him and killed him instantly. The worst part is that his good friend was the driver. This is just one example of millions that are out there. Matt’s friend will never forget what happened and if that were me, I would think about that night everyday for the rest of my life. I’m sure that they continuously drank massive amounts of alcohol throughout the night and I’m sure it didn’t even cross the bartender’s mind that they could be contributing to a death.

A state that has the bottomless drinking ban is Minnesota. In Lis Wiehly’s essay “Bottomless Drinking Ban on College Campuses” she states that the bar tenders in Minnesota disagree with this law because of course they lose business (259). So what do they...
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