Big City Problems

Topics: Traffic, Terrorism, Population Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Karachi is the biggest city in Pakistan and also one of the most thickly populated cities in the world. Its population has increased rapidly and accordingly has given rise to many social problems. People of this metropolis are becoming more and more concerned about solving these serious problems, some of which are discussed below. HEAVY TRAFFIC: in karachi the drivers of buses,mini buses,trucks and rickshaws drive very recklessly.they run races on the road.they don’t care about any traffic rules and even break traffic signals.the result is a number of accidnts that take place daily.this is all because we disobey traffic rules.people driving abouve speed limits,breaking traffic signals and under age driving all is common in karachi. ENERGY CRISIS: Another problem faced by the citizens of the city is the frequent power breakdowns. Every other day, K.E.S.C cuts down the electric supply without notice.but the situation is worst at karachi.and with the passage of time the duration of load-sheadding has greadtly increased.generally we have to pass six to twelve hours without electricity everyday.load shedding is a basic problem which gives rises to many other problems.peple can not sleep at night when the temperature is at its peak.specially,ther are problem for children and patients as all the hospitals do not have generators or U.P.S so its clear that almost everybody living in karachi has tho undergo great difficulties.promises for reduction in the duration of load-shedding are never fulfulled so the problem remain as it was year ago. TERRORIST ACTIVITIES: Karachi is also often subjected to terrorist activities. Bomb blasts and firings at public spots are resulting in great loss of human life. The terrorists deserve no less than capital punishment. It is the duty of the police to intensify their investigation to stop such activities.

POLLOUTION: polloution is the most alarming global...
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