Biblical Self Esteem

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Self-Esteem is considered an important component of emotional health. •Self-esteem plays a role in almost everything you do.

People with high self-esteem do better in school and find it easier to make friends. •
They tend to have better relationships with peers and adults; feel happier; •
find it easier to deal with mistakes, disappointments, and failures; •
And are more likely to stick with something until they succeed. People who have healthier self-esteem have:
An easier time handling conflicts, resisting negative pressures, and making friends •They laugh and smile more and have a generally optimistic view of the world and their life •better chance building happy and satisfied marital and parental relationships

What is self-esteem? Why is it important? What can affect your self-esteem? Slide 4
1)What is Self-Esteem?
3 most important questions to ask yourself:
Who am I? Where did I come from?
Am I valuable?
Where does my value come from?
Answer of these questions will directly affect your life: meaning of life, living purpose & goals, personal growth, contribution, and relationship with others Unfortunately, many people avoid asking these questions. Slide 5

1)What is Self-Esteem (Definition of the key words):
a.Self-image, Self-concept
Your own idea of yourself; mental picture of yourself
We all have a mental picture of who we are, how we look, what we're good at, and what our weaknesses might be. We develop this picture over time, starting when we're very young. The term self-image is used to refer to a person's mental picture of himself or herself. A lot of our self-image is based on interactions we have with other people and our life experiences. This mental picture (our self-image) contributes to our self-esteem. How others see or treat us and how we see ourselves can have a big impact on our self-esteem. * In this course, we will learn to build self-image from how God sees us! Slide 6

1) What is Self-Esteem (Key words and definitions)
b.self esteem, self worth
what you think and feel about yourself
the way you perceives yourself and your self-value
encompasses both self-confidence and self-acceptance
Awareness of the ideal versus real self
People with low self-esteem have a difficult time dealing with problems, are overly self-critical, and can become passive, withdrawn, and depressed. They may hesitate to try new things, may speak negatively about themselves, are easily frustrated, and often see temporary problems as permanent conditions. They are pessimistic about themselves and their life.

People with low self-esteem may feel as if no one will like them or accept them or that they can't do well in anything. Slide 7
1)What is Self-Esteem (Definition of the key words)
b.self esteem, self worth
Self-esteem comes from different sources:
The development of self-esteem in young children is heavily influenced by parental attitudes and behavior •Supportive parental behavior, including encouragement and praise for accomplishments, •as well as your internalization of the parents' own attitudes toward success and failure, •are the most powerful factors in the development of self-esteem in early childhood •As you get older your experiences outside the home, in school, and with peers, become increasingly important in determining your self-esteem •Parents, teachers, and other authority figures influence the ideas we develop about ourselves — particularly when we're little kids. •If parents spend more time criticizing than praising a child, it can be harder for a kid to develop good self-esteem. •Because teens are still forming their own values and beliefs, it's easy to build self-image around what a parent, coach, or other person says. Slide 8

1)What is Self-Esteem (Definition of the key words)
b.self esteem, self worth
There are several factors that influence self-esteem:
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