Benefits Of Immigration

Topics: Population, Human migration, Immigration Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: February 10, 2015
1. Economic gains
Critics have claimed that immigrants take on jobs, lower down wages, and drain too much tax money because of social services. However, what they do not realize that the jobs immigrants take are the job most citizens in the host country do not take. Immigrants filling up these jobs lighten the load of producers and consumers, and results in gains in economic welfare. Immigrants are a source of low cost labor, but these cost reductions are eventually passed on to the consumer, so host country citizens benefit from this as well. The goods produced through the efforts of immigrant workers can also generate additional profits as the goods can be sold at lower price. 2. Increase in cultural diversity

Immigration increases product diversity.
Immigrants moving in means more ethnic restaurants to dine in, more cultural centers to enjoy. 3. Increase in standard of living in the part of immigrants
Immigration brings about change and development.
This benefit is usually not experienced by the host country, yet it is one of the most important benefits immigration provides. It brings immigrants better opportunities, better chances to fulfill their goals, and a better life overall. 4. A younger workforce

The ratio of retired people to workers is expected to dramatically increase in the coming decades Immigrants, with their children and younger relatives, will bring in more young workforce that can slow down the increase of this very important ratio. 5. Skilled workers in much needed sectors.

Immigrants usually arrive because of employment preference. This means that they offer skills that are very scarce in the country. This will bring about various advantages.
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