Being Confident in Yourself.

Topics: Self-esteem, Confidence, Literature Pages: 3 (962 words) Published: May 31, 2012
Larry Gavin

Ms. Lennix

English Lit

5 October, 2011

Being Confident In Yourself.

How many people in this world are actually proud of who they are? People often ask the questions of the importance of being liked. This thought was brought up a lot in the famous novel Death of a Salesman. The main character, Will Noman, was always striving to be the best and no matter what he did, he never came on top. Willy believed that to be a successful man you had to be well liked. Willy wanted to be that successful man more then anything, but never came out on top. The impact on his life was devastating because of this, his self confidence was at the lowest point of his life. One thing that people get confused about is the difference between being respected and being well liked. Willy never saw the differences between the two, and wanted to be well liked rather then be respected. What would you rather be? Well liked or respected? Truth is, a person who lacks a substantial amount of self confidence will most likely not become successful person in the real world.

To Willy Loman, being liked was the best quality to have. We seen in the novel that Willy kept having flashbacks when his son, Biff, was back in high school and the he was the “it” guy. Biff was amazing at football and he thought he had the world at his finger tips, and so did Willy, but Biff never took education seriously, so of course, like his father, he is not successful.( Willy asks Biff, "Bernard is not well liked, is he?" and Biff replies, "He's liked, but he's not well liked" (33). Biff inherits from his father an extremely fragile sense of self-worth dependent on the perceptions of others. "Be liked and you will never want," says the proud father of two sons who are, in his own words, "both built like Adonis’s" (33)). Author Fred Ribkof quoted a perfect example of how important it is to the Lomans to be liked. This obsession of being...

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