Being Alone and Lonely

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Oct. 22, 2013
Being Alone and Lonely
Many people I know like to be alone sometimes. Few, however, like to be lonely. I have often wondered about what exactly makes them so different. The feeling of being calm and stress free can switch so easily into feeling depressed and deserted. These feelings can sometimes lead to suicidal thoughts. People should know the difference between being alone and lonely, so that they know when to reach out to those who are fighting depression and suicidal thoughts.

There are a few key similarities that confuse people into thinking that there is nothing wrong. Usually when people talk about being lonely, they are by themselves. Being alone is being by yourself, but that does not mean that you are lonely when you are alone. The confusion of being lonely as always being alone often leaves those that are with friends without help and still feeling lonely. It’s not just being with or next to someone that makes a friendship or companion ship. It’s the connection between friends and others that makes us feel that we belong together.

Silence is a factor in creating a calming effect when you are alone, but creates depression in loneliness. Silence when you are alone can be stress relieving, but it can be a killer when you are feeling lonely. Silence is a wonderful thing when you want it, but when you don’t you can’t stand it. Those that are lonely usually just want to talk to someone. That shy kid you see in the back of the room or the kid who avoids people, really just want to talk. If that is all it takes; the least you could do is say hi once in awhile.

Being bored is never a good thing, but sometimes it happens. When you’re alone being bored happens a lot. Being alone and being bored makes some people lonely. Being bored gives you a chance to think about what to do next, but when you feel lonely, it gives you time to think about all of the things you miss.

The differences between being alone and lonely will help others...
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