Beer Industry Situational analysis

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Dehydration, Need Pages: 2 (420 words) Published: November 20, 2013
Situational Analysis
Molson Coors bring to you a product that offers a healthier lifestyle. A beer that gives no hangover what we call ‘Molson Light’ is an extension to our 67 calorie beer that avoids hangovers and nauseous feelings for the next day. As this generation is now leaning towards healthier options, Molson Coors does not want them to sacrifice the fun they can be having. Molson light is a beer that targets the working force as well as university/college students. Therefore, the beer has been launched to attend the needs of both generations x and y. Professionals are a main target as this group will be drawn the idea of attending the bar after work. Professions will only be going to the bar aware of the fact that they will wake up the next morning as effective and productive as usual. Same goes for university/college students. This product has been developed with the help from scientists that have put in their efforts and found a cure. Theses scientists believe that hydrating the beer by adding electrolytes will provide more hydration than a normal beer. This extra ingredients will not kill the taste of the beer and those who want to enjoy a beer at the end of a hard labour day will not be at the risk of dehydration. This increased fluid retention will prevent hangovers. CUSTOMER NEEDS

Consumers want to adapt a healthier lifestyle
Drink in a way that won’t affect their health
Avoid hangovers
Avoid Sickness
Enjoy their time
Consumers are capable of enjoying the same taste regardless of the extra ingredients

By launching ‘Molson Light’ we are filling the gap of a healthier drinking lifestyle. Our product fills in the gap of getting bars busy on weekdays as well. After the launch of this product, consumer’s will be in the bar a lot more often know that the next day they will be in a productive mood to work. Most importantly it fills in the gap of reducing different kinds of diseases by making the...
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