Beauty Pageants

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Not So Glamorous Pageants
Do young girls really need to be told they are beautiful by older men and women? Do those older men and women even know the true definition of beauty? Beauty pageants have been around for many years now. The two major types of beauty pageants are natural and glitz. These two beauty pageants hold many differences. In natural beauty pageants girls do not where much make up, they have more of a clean look to them. Where as in a glitz beauty pageants, the girls wear tons of make up, fake teeth to hide their baby teeth, hair pieces to have fuller looking hair, and different outfits for each event in the competition. “Beauty pageants began in the late 1800s. They then became more popular in the early 1900s” (Pageants vs Glitz Pageants). They started off by encouraging women to be leaders in their communities and higher everyone’s self confidence not just the winner. (Pageants vs Glitz Pageants). Pageants back then did not focus on just their beauty but on their strength and goals in life. Natural beauty pageants now focus more on personality and natural charm and glitz beauty pageants were made to focus more on their outfits and their looks. Glitz beauty pageants should be banned because they are extremely expensive, they cause loss of confidence, and they exploit the young girls.

A beauty pageant is a pageant in which mostly girls compete to be the most beautiful girl in the competition. One type of beauty pageant is the natural. Natural means nothing out of the ordinary. Natural is exactly what it sounds like “natural”, they keep the child looking semi natural. Another type would be glitz. Glitz would be more of a flashy and showy type deal.

Despite the need for banning glitz pageants, many argue agains such a policy. One might say that the money from winning a pageant is useful. Who wouldn't want a few thousand bucks from dressing up for a day? One might also disagree with an argument like this with the counter that when a young girl is on the stage in front of lots of people, her confidence is rising. This could be true, but when a girl is transformed with false teeth and sparkly tights, how is she blossoming? She is developing false confidence. Lastly, on might refute this argument by talking about all the television opportunities that can come her way.

First they believe that the chance of winning a scholarship or tons of cash is more important than all the money wasted on dresses and everything else. Furthermore, they contend that winning a glitz pageant can cause the child to gain confidence. Finally, many suggest that it gives the females many chances to get a television career started.

Although opponents of glitz pageants say that they have the benefit of winning cash prizes and scholarships evidence shows otherwise. Yes, there is always the opportunity to win the money or scholarship but what happens when they are not the luck one out of the hundreds of girls entered? The prices of glitz pageants are insane. The entry fee can range anywhere from $50-500 (Sandberg). To enter a competition and have to pay a huge entry fee is just the beginning of the costs for a Glitz Pageant. Along with the entry fee there is also a $20-30 fee for each category one choses to compete in (Sandberg). The main dress and shoes together are one of the most expensive pieces to the puzzle. The dress prices vary immensely but most are in the thousands. Where as a natural pageant costs usually about $200 total and that is with purchasing a new sun dress for the beauty portion of the pageant. All the money that goes into these glitz pageants could be saved up as a college fund rather than on a dress that will be worn once. The child can be put in a team sport that they are good at and will raise their confidence rather than a beauty pageant that will make them lose confidence if they are not winning. All the money spent on these glitz pageants should be...
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