Beauty pageants

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Persuasive Essay; Beauty Pageants

Children are the masters of wondrous ideas, but what are these beauty pageant competitors being sucked into? Most competitors come at a high price and an impractical sense of beauty. In this essay, the topic of beauty pageants will be addressed for why they are a harm to society by discussing the factors of unrealistic beauty, what these certain contestants are being taught, and what fantasies the parents have for these children.

First of all, in a beauty pageant they are not looking for the one with the most talent, the judges are looking for the one who has the best appliance, which comes at a high price. In glitz pageants, contestants wear a great deal of makeup and ravishing costumes that can cost up to $2,000. Beauty pageants are an unnecessary part of society because they set unrealistic standards of beauty for many young girls. They also use artificial teeth, spray tans, and wigs. All in all, It has been shown that children as young as five have a clear image of what their appearance should be and if it is not what they believe or have been told, their self-worth dramatically decreases.

Now I would like to discuss what pageants are teaching young girls. Brooke Breedwell, a former child pageant star, told ABC’s Good Morning America that the pageants left her with stress, anxiety and the feeling that she needed to be perfect, all the time[1]. Beauty pageants take away an adventurous childhood and force young girls that to believe in perfecting their looks rather than in themselves. Girls are being taught to go on diets at the age of eight, sometimes even younger, to lose weight. This is very unhealthy and may cause eating disorders, anxiety, and self esteem issues for girls in the future.

Lastly, why do the parents force their young child to compete in beauty pageants? A child psychologist, Dr. Robert Reiner states "very pushy parents who for a variety of reasons, didn't get what they wanted when they were...

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