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The Bartenders Station/Bar Set up/Liquor

Parts of a Bar
 1.

Front Bar

 2.

Back Bar

 3.

Under Bar

Bar Design and Layout

What is a Cocktail?

Cocktail-is a class of alcoholic beverage that is
derived by mixing one or more of the other classes of
alcoholic beverages with or without flavoring, eggs,
non-alcoholic beverages, juices or water.

It is also a mixed drinks.

The modern definition of a cocktail is a drink composed
of at least two ingredients which have been shaken or
stirred together, and serve either as a tall or short

Cocktail has three basic parts

the base

the modifier

the garnish

Cocktails usually consists of three
different 'classes' of ingredients.

first, the base, is most often some sort of spirit,
like vodka, whiskey, or tequila. Occasionally, such as
in many punches, some sort of wine is being used as a
The second, the main flavoring, is added to bring out
the aroma of the base and to modify its taste. The
main flavoring is often such as Vermouth, various fruit
juices, wine, or even eggs or cream.
The third, is special flavoring, is added to enhance
the taste of the base, and often also adds the color to
the cocktail. Common special flavorings include
Grenadine, Blue Curacao, and others.

Most cocktails are also
decorated in some way,
usually with fruit slices,
orange peel, cocktail
sticks, mint twig, etc.

Classification of Cocktails

1. Cocktails - are short mixed drink made
various ways and usually iced.
◦ Aperitif Cocktails - are cocktails used as an

◦ Dessert Cocktails - taken after dinner as a dessert

or supplement.

2. Long Drinks - are tall iced drinks that
are served in large tall glasses. It is either
medium tall or tall.


The winning formula for a great cocktail
however, does not end in the taste alone; it is
also in its presentation with the correct

The proper glassware is essential for your
drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Though
every type isn't covered, here's a good listing
of things to start with and be able to feel
comfortable on serving most alcoholic


Beer Mug - A favorite way to drink beer.
Generally, these glasses are footed, but can be
shaped as like a Tall Sour glass or in a form of a
mug, which is easily recognized for a side

Martini - At times, these are more commonly referred to a cocktail glass. But specifically, they are used for serving Martini cocktails. They are perfect for serving drinks chilled up, with the glass itself chilled.

Margarita - Use for serving
margaritas and other cocktails, these
are a bit rounded and bigger than
the cocktail glass, these are at times
found with decorator stems, and are
a way of impressing your friends and
guests. Also called Coupette.


Poco Grande - No one knows how it got its
name, but is characterized by its wide to narrow
top, extending to an oversized bowl body above
the stem. Perfect for 12 ounces cocktails or fruit

Brandy Glass - Best suit for brandy, cognac or
liqueur after dinner, the rounded bottom of this short
stemmed glass lets the hand warm the drink to bring
out all the tantalizing aromas. These are also called
as Inhalers, which are bigger than the normal Snifter
or Brandy glass, as these are used for scenting the
aroma of any liqueur, brandy or cognac.


- So - called as these are used for

champagnes and sparkling wines. Varieties include the
Champagne Tulip, so - called as it resembles the tulip
flower's petals, these are versatile and multi-purpose;
Champagne Flute ( also used for fruity Belgian style
lambic beers), and champagne saucer. The smaller
varieties are nice for wines and champagnes, the larger
perfectly elegant holding frozen cocktails.

Wine Glass -...
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