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“saBARdoo Nights” offers a new concept of partying. Unlike other bars our main advantage is the total customer service, the class ambience and affordability of our alcohols and foods. We also consider the open area and the sports hub a big plus to our business because we are very accustomed to just plain bars with music with nothing to do aside from drinking. The Disc Jockey’s booth will be place on the second floor in an elevated space for much metro feel.

The bar business is in boom since 1990’s here in Olongapo which started when Americans stay in the city. Until now, many bars are open for business and most of them are doing well because many tourist and people living within the area love to party and hang out.

While there are numerous bars here in the city, only 3 of them offers open area bar (Apo’s grille, Swell Bar and Pier One) and only two offers a sports area (Pier One, and Apo’s grille) which is only a dart board game and pool unlike in our bar we both have the dart gaming board and billiards plus other exciting new offerings to be discussed furthermore in the paper.

saBARdoo Nights’ marketing strategy is to emphasize the comfortability of every customer while going in a bar. The availability of other options while in our bar is also a strategy to let customers choose what they want to enjoy while partying. There are lots of services we are offering in reasonable prices.

This proposal projects to gain the operational expenses within 5 years. We will make it possible by giving the best out of the rest services and step by step development and changes leaving our customers craving for more of our club. We totally value a customer that’s why they are on top of our priority to give them good service exchange for their money. With proper staff management and financial planning we visualize a successful business. There may be a tight competition but we still believe that we can survive it because we know the customers wants and needs and we are here to provide those things to them. Furthermore, with the financial projection that really shows that this business is feasible, it is really evident that investing in this kind of business has the assurance of the Return on Investment (ROI) especially here in our target location and market, Olongapo City.

I. Introduction
We are now living in a fast pace world wherein every minute counts and must be manage wisely especially if we are working, studying or even just managing our own family. Stress and pollution are everywhere giving exhaustion to anybody who may encounter it. But how can we relieve stress aside from just sleeping which is plain boring? With regards to our proposal we can convince our prospects that our service can casually ease that stress away. We can observe that Olongapo City is starting to rise with regards to population and progress. We now have two (2) shopping malls within the city proper and in Subic Bay Freeport Zone. It means that an average person can spend money leisurely, since the cost of living in Olongapo start to rise due to these changes. And for this reason, we propose to come up with an open bar which will be located along Magsaysay Drive. Our open bar will have its main floor on which the sports area will be placed while the upper floor will be an open area for other customers who wants to unwind with upbeat music loud enough for them to still talk unlike being cramped in a disco bar which has loud music and noise. Aside from this, we would like the customers to enjoy a good viewing sight while enjoying their cocktails and drinks. There will be no exhaustion of smoke and other odorssince it will be an open area. Our intended market will be the working class and students aged eighteen (18) and up. There will be tight security for minors and we will also strict to attire to maintain casualness in the area.

Since Olongapo City is transforming into a more a metro city, like Manila. We...
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