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Case study – Riverdale house is a small residential care home for ten older people, all of who have some kind of impairment. Some have dementia, meaning that they are forgetful, some have arthiritis making it difficult for them to move independantly, some have a stroke meaning thet they have poor senstationin the effected side of the body.


Many things need to be taken into account when looking at buildings e.g. the building should include safety windows and doors, automatic doors or ones that close by them selves so that it is easily accessible for residents to get out in the case of a fire. Fire exit sighns should be used so that residents know where the fire door is. Fire extinguisher and fire blanket help a person in the event of a fire because they help prevent the fire from spreading. Most importantly we also need a first aid kit incase some one injures themselves. Regular fire practises should be done regularly so that residents and staff are aware of the procedure, so when it comes to the real thing they know exactly what to do. Fire alarms should also be put emplace so in the event of a fire, it can signal and inform everybody the fire.

Bedrooms should also be secure and safe, carpets should be removed and replaced with lino for residents that have arthiritis or a walking impairment, this is due to the fact that carpet can cause slips and trips. In each room for the residents there should be button/bell where residents can press in the need of assistance or are facing a problem, so that staff can be informed. Many of the residents will be elderly, and might feel thew cold more then others, this means that rooms should be the right tempreture aprox. 18 –22 degrees. You can also get tempreture adjusters were you can conttrol the tempreture for each room you are in, otherwise if this doesn’t then residents could get ill and develop hypothermia. Bathrooms should include bars and hoists for the residents to hold on so...
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