An introduction to working with children.

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UNIT ONE – An introduction to working with
Unit One – An introduction to working with children
CACHE Level 2 Diploma in Child Care and Education

1. Choose two settings available for:
• children under 5 years and
• children aged between 5 and 7 years
For each age range, choose:
• ONE (1) setting that is statutory provision and
• ONE (1) setting that is a different type of provision
Describe the purpose of each setting.
2. Choose either:
• ONE (1) professional who works with children or
• ONE (1) agency that works with children
Describe the work of this professional or agency.
3. Describe how to keep information about children and families confidential. • Give TWO (2) examples to show when you should refer information to professionals in the setting.
• Explain the importance of keeping information confidential. 4. Explain how to prepare for work in a placement with children: • Explain why the first impressions which you make in the setting are important. • Explain how you can show positive attitudes when you are working in a childcare setting

5. Give TWO (2) different ways in which you can show that you understand the importance of valuing each child as an individual.
Throughout the assignment you should ensure that you address diversity and inclusive practice where it is appropriate to the task.
Your completed work should not exceed 2,000 words. There is no lower word limit. Work that is more than 10% above the word limit will not be marked. References
and quotations within the text are not included in the word limit.

Charlotte De Carteret

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UNIT ONE – An introduction to working with
In this assignment I will be discussing about the different settings for children and how to maintain a positive attitude within this type of setting and towards the children.
Firstly I will explain the purpose of 4 different settings these are :Under 5 setting – statutory provision – Nursery – The purpose of a nursery is to prepare children aged 3 – 4 yrs for full time education by using the basic foundation stage curriculum where children learn by structured play. This foundation stage provides a framework consisting of 6 areas of learning these are •

Personal, social and emotional development
Language, literacy and communication
Mathematical development
Knowledge and understanding of the world
Physical development
Creative development

Staff provide a fun, safe learning environment so that children can develop and reach their full potential. With in a nursery there is a key worker her role is to look after a small group of children whilst they are in the setting making sure their needs are met and keeping parents informed of their child’s progress. Under 5 setting– different type of provision Voluntary – Parent and toddler group.

The purpose of this type of group is to help children to interact and build a relationship with their peers whilst still being in the care of their parents. It can also provide support and guidance for parents especially for new mums as they can talk to other mums who have more experience. Its also a way to make new friends and build a support network.

5 & 7 yrs setting – different type of provision Voluntary – youth club The purpose of a youth club is to provide a place for young people to gather and hang out in warm safe environment. Hey also0 provide young people with support and guidance whilst letting them take part in a wide range of leisure activities. There are a number of different settings that young people of all ages can attend some have set hours and some are more flexible.

5 & 7 yrs setting – statutory provision – Primary School The purpose of a primary school is to provide children with the necessary skills they will need in later life i.e. an education teaching them to read and write.

Charlotte De Carteret

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UNIT ONE – An introduction to working with
The National Curriculum...
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