Amstel Swot Analysis

Topics: Beer, Alcoholic beverage, Target market Pages: 5 (1616 words) Published: September 15, 2010
B. SWOT Analysis:
1. The advantage of existing production line with nearly 30 years experience in producing high quality light lager. Amstel® is one of the two principal international brands of the world leading brewer Heineken. The company was the first importer to introduce light beer since 1980, leading American light beer revolution with delicious Amstel Light® which has only 3.5% alcohol content and 95 calories – 35% fewer calories than regular lagers. Hence, the company has ample of experience and technique in producing and improving quality of light beer. This above condition strongly enhances the company in providing a new product line that is specially designed for ladies, meets the requirements for a beautiful and trendy, low alcohol content and low calories lager. 2. The strong partnership between Heineken International and Asia Pacific Breweries Limited- the leading brewer in the Asia- Pacific region. Heineken International currently is one of the two main shareholders of Asia Pacific Breweries Limited (APB), who strategically located at the heart of a rising Asia, where beer consumption growth is twice the global rate. APB currently undertakes the brewing of the company’s international leading premium brand – Heineken, and distributing product in six key markets in the Asia Pacific: Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam and China. The Amstel Light for Ladies will be first introduced in the target market of Vietnam, then ambitiously expanding to Asia- Pacific region in the long term. Hence, APB will continuously be our strategic important partner, in producing and distribution Amstel Lights for Ladies under our supervision. The APB’s extensive distribution network will robustly support the company in approaching the target markets and fast moving our brand. 3. Amstel Light for Ladies is positioned in the mid-priced mainstream segment, which is appropriate with the budget of most target customers in Vietnam. Amstel® is the company’s number-two flagship brand, which is positioned in the mid-priced mainstream segment, the largest segment of the market. The new product Amstel Light for Ladies will loyal with this positioning by setting the price at a suitable level. This strength enables the company to providing the new lager that fitting with the medium level of average income of its target customers. WEAKNESSES:

1. This is the first time introducing Amstel® into Vietnam market, there will be some early difficulties such as building customers’ trust in the quality of brand and requirement for a strong financial resource to invest in marketing the new light lager aim at females. Amstel® was the traditional brewery in Amsterdam since 1870 and currently presences in over 90 countries all over the world. Nevertheless, Amstel® is still a brand- new beer which strangely sounds in Asia Pacific region. Hence the Amstel Light for Ladies brand has the inherent disadvantages of a new product. Since it often takes time and effort to a new brand becomes familiar with customers, the company will have to face with the doubt or uncertainty of customer in the quality of newly introduced product. This is the first launching of a special low alcohol drink aim at a special market segment: outgoing, active and successful young women who have age above 21. The company has to strongly invest in advertising and promoting activities to build an image of beautiful, trendy and tasty Amstel Light for Ladies in targeted customers’ mind, which then becomes an appealing lager brand name to women. It requires a large amount of financial and human resources in performing market researches, deciding first approaching methods and making appropriate advertise campaigns. By understanding this weakness, the company may proactively prepare financial plan and strong advertising and promotion campaigns at the early stage of introducing the light lager to Singapore market. The targeted customers have as much as possible chances...
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