Alcoholism, Reaction Paper

Topics: Alcohol, Alcoholic beverage, Alcoholism Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: June 20, 2012
I decided to write about Alcoholism for this reaction paper bevause Alcoholism is a very debilitating disease that affects millions of people worldwide. Acoholism has no sex or race it can affect anyone. Drinking alcohol in excess over a long period of time causes an inbalance of chemicals in the brain and body that cause the body to crave alcohol. An alcoholic not only craves drinking but they need alcohol to function, alcohol makes them feel good and becomes all they think about and all they need which causes problems in health, emotions, and especially family issues. A person suffring from alcohol abuse will often drink alone and hie it from family and friends. Alcoholics are unable to control the amount of alcohol they drink which makes it very dangerous because they can lose conciseness or suffer from serious medical complications that can be life threating. Treatment for alcoholism varies by the severity of the abuse. The first step however the severity is to admit that a problem does exist. If the person is not dependent on alcohol then simply cutting back may be sufficient. If the person is dependent on alcohol then they would have to start by giving up alcohol completely. Once giving up alcohol a person will go into the detox phase which means they will experience withdrawal symtoms such as hallucinations, tremors,cravings for alcohol, nausea and vomiting, medication is available to help reduce some of the symtoms. Recovering from Acolohism will be a long life struggle but with a great support systems and attending regular AA meetings then it is very well possible. While I am not a alcohic myself, I do have a close family member that is a functioning alcohic. a functioning alcohoic is someone who needs alcohol to function as a "normal" person. In my opinion it is very sad to see that alcoholics are reliant on a substance. The best thing that we can do if we know anyone who is a alcoholic is to help them realize they have a problem, get them to admit to...
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