Alcoholism and Suicide

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September 12, 2011

Alcohol can be good for the body if it is taken in a right way. It can calm us when we are nervous or put us to sleep if we want. However, too much intake could of course be dangerous to our health. Pressure to try drugs and alcohol is strong among teens. Many face temptation from peers and close friends, who tell them that drugs and drinking are fun and cool. Many feel they must engage in these activities in order to gain acceptance. Parents, teachers and school administrators work to discourage this behavior, warning of the dangers of addiction, overdose and driving while intoxicated. However, many teens do succumb to the temptation. Let us not allow this impropriety to cause bigger problems which may lead us to death. Alcoholism affects more than the problem drinker. Teens face ethical dilemmas at school and at home regularly. Sometimes they face situations that experienced adults find challenging. They need to understand the consequences of making the wrong choice. Alcohol is not identified as an issue. Often, the scapegoat (which is alcoholism) is identified as 'The Problem' wherein if a teenager is not counseled properly, eventually resulted to suicide incidents.


“I am a failure, a drunk, and a liar. I am hopeless and I want to die.”
The words stated above was said by a teenager named Harold Hughes who became an alcoholic for about 10 years and soon committed suicide. At first, he tried alcohol out of curiosity but unfortunately, he had ended up in committing suicide.

Nowadays, alcoholism and suicidal problems are getting bigger and bigger. Many teenagers get into it without even knowing the negative effects of these alcohols and suicide attempts. In this term paper, the researcher would like to impart the reader what alcohol can do to human beings especially to teens.

The purpose of this term paper is to emphasize the negative effects of alcoholism and suicide and its preventions so that the teens would be aware and wouldn’t take the risk of trying it. This term paper serves as a guide to the teenagers so that they would know the negative effects of alcoholism and suicide, its prevention and to know that these things wouldn’t do any good to them.

Alcohol is a substance produced through a process called fermentation. Fermentation is a process which converts starch and sugar into ethyl alcohol, occurs naturally and often in all sorts of materials. The first alcoholic beverage was accidentally drunk by a prehistoric man or woman after it was left for a long time and begun to ferment. By the time we enter the era of recorded history our ancestors were fermenting an impressive variety of substances.

The earliest alcoholic beverage to be widely used may have been mead, made from fermented honey. Grapes for wine may have been among the earliest crops are cultivated, and it has been suggested that people first changed from a nomadic to a settled way of life because they had to stay in one place until their grapes ripened. In ancient Egypt the honor of brewing beer has been given to the high priest, who offered their product not only to the populace at large but also to the gods themselves.

Genghis Khan and his hordes drank fermented mare’s milk called Koumiss, whereas in India a drink called Arrach was made from palm juice. Coconuts, peaches, and potatoes have been made into alcoholic drink So people have consumed enormous variety of the said drink for many different reasons. First is to quench thirst. . Second is to preserve food and improve its taste. Third, as medicine and last but not the least is when sacramental celebration is done.

Alcoholism refer to the drinking of alcohol...

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