Alcoholism: Alcoholic Beverage and Life

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Addiction, Alcoholism Pages: 4 (1492 words) Published: May 1, 2013
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Alcohol, The disaster for life
Why do people drink alcohol? To reduce stress, to relax, to show off, or due to peer pressure. One of every thirteen adult drink alcohol. According to the article ‘FTC report cites improvement in alcohol industry self-regulation, “Fourteen million American suffered health, psychological, social, and genetics problem due to excess drinking of alcohol” (federal trade commission). It has caused a serious problem in the society. Even after executing the law of no drinking and driving, these drinking and driving problem has been frequently seen in the society. Many people has involved in sever accident and also, has lost their precious life. Many people who don’t drink has also been the victim of these alcoholic problem. I decided to choose alcohol addiction as my topic because I was also once a victim of alcohol. Different plans has been made in by the government and other social service organization to control the drinking habit of the person. Since alcoholism has been a serious problem in the present society, the government and other organization has been executing different laws and regulation to control it. One of the major step is establishing the rehabilitation center. The article ‘alcoholism and drug rehab’ stated that, “Research studies have found that certain approaches to addiction treatment and aftercare works better than other. This approaches in establishing a rehab center can help a lots of citizens” (Recovery Connection). The phrases “addiction treatment and after care works better” refers that alcoholics rehabilitation is given more priority to the government to reduce the alcoholism. This kinds of plans are frequently executed by the government to help the citizens and to create safe society. Other several laws like no drinking in public areas, age regulation (drinking restriction until the person is 21 years old), ID checking while buying liquor, time to time...
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