Alcoholic - Homebrew Lyrics Response

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Home Brew – Alcoholic Lyrics: (text #2)

"hi everybody, welcome to the wednesday meeting, yep everybody give it up for eli, first of all, who's been offthe meth for a whole month now, and his wife's getting outof jail next thursday, is that right? anyway we've got a new speakertoday so big round of applause for this young man here."it's been about a week nowI'm startin' to get weak nowI wake up at 11:30 that's when I start getting thirsty andI don't know what it isall I know there's a bottle in the fridgewith my name on itif I want it'cause I'm an alcoholic and I knowyeah hi my name is Tom I'm an addictcan't really remember just how long I been at itI'm guessin that this happened like a pattern and a problemcause my father's a fiend andso was mum so its somethin' like part of my genesbut it's hard to get clean but its hard to sustainbut at the end of it I really can only answer to meand it's the way it is I truly learned thatso don't give me all that "Channeling the universe" crapthats a load of s**t I ain't tryna' to pass the blamelike it's just a part of fateand I ain't got a part to playcause if that's the case then I really can't escapemight as well just start the day with a glass of chardonnaylike my dad does thinking that time can never catch usfollowing my nose kinda like my bro Haz doesbut I'm scared I'll end up in a home like daz wasthat dude went mad once,but na f**k that buzzI'm looking for a little morebut s**t is rawcause its just a little short walk to the liquor store,a little more to middlemoremy mind keeps saying "this is what I'm living for" but my liver isn't sureit's 6 In the mornin' we're about to close the clubbut we know the owner so we're there until they open upand that's why I'm broke as f**k bank account Golden Duckblowing bucks on these drugs going nuts tryna' sober upI woke up Friday morninglying on the floor in a one man cellhe said I punched that C**Tstablehow many lies can one man telland now I'm on probationI'm getting...
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