Alcohol: to Drink or Not to Drink

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Just a reseach paper about drinking alcohol. Hope it helpful [pic]

Today, our world is more modern therefore a lot of alcohol to choose form. In our life alcohol has been used for many reasons, such as in meeting or in conversation. Alcohol is also for communicate expediency or for easing sorrow. When we go into restaurants, bars, pubs or somewhere else we can see that people drink many kinds of alcohol such as wine, spirits and beer. Alcohol includes many components, some of which can be dangerous for people drinking alcohol. Everyday, millions people drink alcohol and more than billions of liters of alcohol is consumed all over the world. Alcohol may affect not only on our bodies but also on our lives.

For many reasons, alcohol is considered a kind of drink having a lot of disadvantages. Because of its bad components, we can get a long term diseases. Most people realize that long term drinking is really bad for their heath and could create problem in the future. Especially, it damages the liver. It makes prolonged liver dysfunction, such as liver cirrhosis resulting in liver cancer (Alcohol Alert, 2004). Brain is the central control for every action therefore when people drink; alcohol will go through blood and moving to brain, causing neurological problems including dementia. Everyone, drinking alcohol, is at risk of heart attack. In addition, it may go into cancer, for example “Cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, liver, colon, and breasts. “In general, the risk of cancer increases with increasing amount of alcohol” (Fact Sheets- Alcohol Use and Health, 2012). When people drink a large amount of alcohol in short time, and digestive organs is affected too. An important organ has leading role is pancreas. ”The pancreas helps to regulate the body's blood sugar levels by producing insulin. The pancreas also has a role in digesting the food we eat” (Alcohol: What You Don't Know Can Harm You). Thus,...

References: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (April 9, 2013), Fact Sheets - Excessive Alcohol Use and Risks to Men 's Health, Retrieved from
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