Alcohol Should Be Banned from Tv

Topics: Alcohol abuse, Drinking culture, Alcoholic beverage Pages: 4 (1151 words) Published: September 5, 2011
Alcohol advertisements should be banned from TV

Alcohol Advertisements is the promotion of alcohol beverages by alcohol producers through ads on TV and also in a variety of media. It is one of the most famous forms of marketing and it is one of the major businesses in today’s economy. The question is why alcohol advertisements should be banned from TV? One might say that children or young audience influence from observing parents’ behaviour and they are the significant role models to follow in their lives but alcohol advertisements is also an important source through with children have learned about this.

Alcohol advertisements can have different effects and these are the main reasons. Firstly, in the experience of young audience, money matters, health issues and similarly concerns with family problems, alcohol addiction, sex and peer pressure are inter-related to this in many ways. All of these effects seem to be increasing and we need changes for our society and especially for the future generation. As an Auckland University survey showed that from 18 and 19-years-olds were now the heaviest drinking group in the country (Johnston 2001).

These effects take many and varied forms but I would guess that alcohol advertising could affect any person who would watch or hear but it just depends on it the person is willing to try it or believe what the ad is telling them to do. As we know that young teenagers are more influence than adults for example, life experience. This is one area in which alcohol industry had faced in their alleged targeting of young people and there are often concentrations of alcohol ads aimed at youth than at adults. While the young people report more positive feelings about drinking and their own likelihood to drink after viewing alcohol ads (Austin, Grube, 1994 in: However having this feeling may get them through alcohol addiction and alcohol abuse. This has become of the most...

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