Alcohol Peer Pressure in College

Topics: Drinking culture, Alcoholism, Communication Pages: 3 (1031 words) Published: February 19, 2013
In the article “Above the Influence,” the main idea focuses on how alcohol in college has clinched onto society and is now considered a norm. The goal of this study was to explore how non drinking college students negotiated communication about a potentially stigmatized behavior abstinence from alcohol (675). The concept of the paper goes into depth on how students who don't drink alcohol are usually an outcast or fall into peer pressure to fit in. In order to support the claims, researchers conducted an experiment to prove their hypothesis. They used both strict non drinkers and drinkers and placed the participants on a party school campus where alcohol is greatly abused. The actions of the kids varied on whether they would keep their non drinking low key or allow others to know about their situation. The research allowed the experimenters to see the variation of how the abstinent drinkers used communication to still fit in. The claims I most agreed with was allowing different non drinkers with various backgrounds to be put in similar situations. The diversity gave a better out look on how they would try to still be social even without the alcohol consumption. When the students used their different tactics to party without upsetting the other drinkers, I believe the empty cup was the best plan (679). When you're communicating and trying to avoid any issues or quarrels, it is best to please the opposite party. Although some of the students did not drink, holding a cup would allow them to socialize without being hounded. Drinking has become a normality in both college and adult culture. It can even be seen as disrespectful to some to refuse the offer or abstain from it. The empty cup allows positive face to take place without questioning or disturbance from drunken or concerned peers. Participant Kristen stated that the cup gave her “control” of the situation and did give any negative vibes toward others. She was able to fit in the crowd with no problem. The...
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