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Nick DiBernardo
March 1, 2013
My Sweet Alcohol Paper
Boone’s Farm is Pretty Good
Alcohol seems like a cornerstone piece of the college experience. As a college student, it would seem that alcohol would become a part of my life. While I often drank in high school, living independently makes it much easier to partake in alcoholic activities. I think I drink because it is such a social lubricant. What better way to easily talk to the female gender and vigorously bump against each other with loud music in the background (this is basically an image of me at every party I’ve ever attended), than with a little bit of alcohol in your system. I also can’t wait to tell my children my college stories when they become of age. My drunk stories are much better than my sober stories. Such as the time I went to my friends birthday party in a skirt, proceeded to singlehandedly attempt to finish a keg, leave and throw up all the way down the street on the way back to campus, pass out in the COG, come back to DeSmet and realize its only 6, take a nap, wake up and go to a party under the alias Josh DiBernardo (a high school senior considering playing on the baseball team), and then capping the night by getting carried home by my buddies. That definitely beats my sober stories of being in the library for hours studying for a stupid Business Law test that probably will have no effect on my life outside of class. Also my tweets are exponentially better when I’m drunk and Twitter is basically my life. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been approached by girls saying, “Oh my goodness are you Jody Highroller from Twitter? You are so funny and dreamy and muscular. I love you.” Sometimes its hard being a Twitter superstar, but I guess that’s just the life I chose to live.

I don’t think drinking really affects my life as a student at this time. It definitely did at the beginning of freshman year when I had a competition on who could drink the most days in a row when we first...
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