Alcohol, Harmful or Beneficial?

Topics: Alcoholism, Alcoholic beverage, Alcohol abuse Pages: 6 (2328 words) Published: February 1, 2013

IS ALCOHOL BENEFICIAL OR HARMFULL? Alcohol consumption is a very discussed topic because of its controversial ways and ideas people have of it. The number one reason it is worldwide discussed is because it is said to help people reduce the risk of coronary disease. It is said that a ¨pattern of regular consumption¨ at least three to four days per week can be associated with the lowest risk of heart attacks. Many psychologist say doctors are dishonest because they fail to inform patients about the benefits of moderate drinking. People fear that such advice will justify the excessive amounts of alcohol consumed by some people. On the other hand other psychologists argue that drinking leads to more drinking and can have bad effects on your body and acquired serious problems that include: fetal alcohol syndrome, cardiomyopathy, cardiac arrhythmia and more. They found also no relationship between alcohol and protecting people against coronary disease because there are many factors that can be identified in the test and the ways of living of the people that were examined. There are a lot of contradictions having to do with alcohol and if it is wrong or right so we have to analyze perfectly our circumstances and understand our body to see what is right for us. ¨A pattern of regular consumption at least three to four days per week is associated with the lowest risk of heart attack¨. According to a study at Harvard school of public health frequent, moderate consumption of alcohol is good for your hearts health, they recommend it and say it is beneficial but also say it doesn’t offer the greatest protection on other things. A very shocking fact also appeared from the ¨ New England journal of medicine¨ that stated that men who drank moderated amounts of alcohol had lower risks of heart disease then men how didn’t drink at all. The ideal drinking amounts per week were stated to be three to four days per week. The people that studied this had to adjust many factors like the age, if they smoked, their physical activity, parental history of heart disease to have a good result, and surprisingly the lowest risk was the number of times per week a participant drank alcoholic drinks. Another study conducted by ¨Dr. Guiseppe Zuccala¨ of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, said that ¨alcohol use may protect the brain from mental decline associated with aging¨. Drinking alcohol moderately could be associated with a 40 percent more or less of lower risk talking about mental impairment. This doctor thought this related with alcohol because alcohol has beneficial effects on blood flow and blood pressure. Alcohol may be improving how the body metabolized blood sugar so that may be helping to prevent the development of blood clots. However, it is always a little hard to offer individual advice based on studies done with numerous people. For example Mukamal stated that it should be taken in consideration a person’s family history, the risk of drunk driving, and the risk of liver problems and it should be taken into account before deciding the ¨safest¨level of alcohol an individual should have. Psychologists like Stanton Peele argue that moderate drinking has been proven to be beneficial. Therefore, doctors should recommend it. He thinks patients are capable of making good decisions for themselves and dismisses the idea that maybe saying that alcohol is beneficial might cause people to drink alcohol but in large amount. Anton peele argues that without doubt evidence has established beyond question that alcohol reduces Coronary artery disease. Drinking to excess, is proven to increase mortality diseases such as cancer, cirrhosis, and accidents, but studies conducted with ACS, Harvard (U.S) , Britain and Denmark have found that moderated drinking can reduce all mortality. The fear of this statement though and why many people don’t...
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