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Topics: Alcoholic beverage, United States, Smoking Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: January 27, 2012
Lowering Drinking Age
The United States should lower the drinking age from twenty one to eighteen, since people are allowed to smoke, vote, and join the selective service at this age. Young teens are already smoking, which can cause more harm than drinking. Voting rights are only allowed for mature adults; if they are able to vote, they should be allowed to drink. By joining the selective service they are putting their lives at risk to defend the country. Being able to drink should be awarded for them risking their own lives just to save others.

First, they can smoke cigarettes at age eighteen, and cigarettes are just as bad as drinking. Both of these things can cause problems towards someone’s health. Smoking and alcohol both can damage the liver, and cause heart diseases. If anything, they shouldn’t let people with bad health smoke or drink, rather than the factor being age. The health of someone is more important more than their age. Someone may be twenty one with a lung disease that didn’t come from smoking, but if they smoke it’s only going to get worst. On the other hand, if someone is eighteen, and they have no health problems at all, they should be able to smoke if they want to even though they may gain personal health problems. If they do, then that’s when they should stop smoking and get treatment. Basically, people with good health should be able to smoke or drink, but if they develop any type of health issues, they should see a doctor or stop immediately if it gets bad.

Second, the United States will let us vote, but refuse to let us drink at our own risk. People at the age of eighteen should have the same privileges as people who are twenty-one or older, they are both adults. If the drinking age were changed to 18, colleges would be able to regulate alcohol use, so students would not become overly intoxicated, just like colleges have rules for smoking. Since most students who are eighteen drink already, they may get ecstatic if drinking was...
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