Alcohol and Spring Break

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, High school, Drinking culture Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: October 7, 2010
Alcohol Abuse and Spring Break
Kylie Lowe, Angela Smith, Kelsi McMahan
SWK 2050
Professor Genenbacher
April 18, 2010

For many years, Spring Break is a highly anticipated holiday that high school students and college students look forward to the most. Many students plan their vacations in hot destinations where thousands of students gather to drink, tan, meet people, and just have fun. Alcohol abuse among these teenagers and young adults is very high while on Spring Break. There are many solutions that have been brought to mind, but there is still a high rate of alcohol abuse. We will make known how cities lure the students to come there, how often alcohol abuse occurs during this week, consequences of using alcohol, and solutions to this problem.

Alcohol Abuse and Spring Break
Florida, Mexico, and Texas are all popular destinations for a student to spend their spring break. Despite organizations and schools pushing towards the students having a safe and clean spring break, many students still choose to drink on their vacation. We are going to make students aware of how prominent alcohol abuse is during spring break. Students believe that spring break is all about drinking and that will make their vacation more enjoyable.

Spring break is always a fun topic to talk about with your fellow peers while in school. You dream about going to a place where thousands of other people will be there with the same interests as you. The alcohol will be in abundance and easily accessible to the underage. This is when alcohol abuse comes into play. “…the idea that foreign cities can be playgrounds for underage American students to drink, and even take drugs, without running afoul of the law,” (Leinwand, 2009). These foreign cities get help from foreign tourism officials and alcohol companies by advertising how great of a place it is and how easily you can drink without getting caught (Leinwand, 2009).

Mexico is the most popular destination for students...

References: Leinwand, D. (2009). Alcohol-soaked spring break lures students abroad. USA Today. Retrieved from
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