Alcohol Abuse is dangerous for Everybody

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Alcohol Abuse is dangerous for Everybody

It is well known that alcohol abuse turns into a serious problem in our society because of several facts. More and more people, especially young people, drink a lot of alcohol; as a result, they don’t know when they have to stop and the alcohol use turns into an alcohol abuse. The question, which I ask myself, is: How is it possible that alcohol turns into a serious problem in our generation and which are the flash points?

First of all, in every country are different age limits when people are allowed to consume alcohol. Some countries allow drinking beer and wine at the age of sixteen and all other alcoholic beverages at the age of eighteen. As an example in Switzerland, where I come from, the law allows us to start drinking at the mentioned ages. So Swiss people learn to deal with alcohol, everywhere in life, at a young age. Also, we are allowed to drink, so we get to know our limits faster. As you can see there is no allure to do something illegal by drinking alcohol with sixteen because it is allowed. In this way, we don’t drink to be cool; it is just all the time a part of parties, nice dinners or other special times in our life. Of course everybody has a story when we didn’t know when we had to stop drinking, but that happens to everybody and is a part of the process in learning to deal with alcohol in life. Even if we know it, we do sometimes abuse alcohol. Whereas, in the United States of America you aren’t allowed to drink alcohol till you are twenty-one. The law allows you to drive a car with sixteen, but not to drink alcohol. What I see all the time here is that people under twenty-one uses every chance to drink alcohol. If there is alcohol at a party, they use the chance and drink as much as they can in a very short amount of time. Just because they can drink alcohol illegal and this seems to be very exciting young people do it. At first they feel still okay, maybe a little bit dizzy, but after a...
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