Alco Pops Enforcing a Ban for and Against

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Drinking culture, Alcohol Pages: 5 (1847 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Within this briefing paper I will outline the following legal ramifications of an advertsing ban for our organisition, social, asses and sumerise the economic aspects of the particular business situation, address the currect recent studies and an alternatice proposals for reform with regards to political pressures relating to our business. Firstly Alco pops are a type of sweet, sugary and alchoholic beverage, these drinks are legally classified as a malt beverage and are able to be purchased in outlets. Legal

Legal pressures on banning Alco pops would have a massive impact on our companies due to the fact that it would be a long legal process until the ban is implemented. The bill of the banning of the advertising of Alco pops would have to pass through two houses, one being the House of Commons and the House of Lords. In order for the ban to get put foward the house of commons would have to go through a strategic guideline where the bill is announced and copies are distributed to the partys, due to the fact that it is a long process the house debates the general principals within the bill, From recent finding at this stage it is known to be quite uncommon for a government bill to be denied at this stage. Alternatively there are other groups within the house of commons which is known as the standing committee. The standing committee is brought forward for the specific purpose of dealing with bills. However the standing committee put their points across by examining in great detail line by line precisely making alterations where necessary. On the other hand some of the rules and regulations that the House of Lords have are similar to the stages of the commons. After the bill has been completed all its stages in the commons, changes to the bill in the house of the lords will require an extra stage in the commons called, lords amendments considered. Therefore implementing the ban will offer the vote to disprove or approve of any alterations made by the lords. In order for the bill to go ahead both parties house of parliament must agree on the final text of the bill, however this may change unless the house of commons invokes the parliament act. Following on from the above In addition to the final stage of passing the bill is when the crown court formally assents to the bill in order for it to pass into law. The sovereign along with the commons and lords give consent to the bull for it to formally become an act. Possible proposals for the reform would enforce the fact that they are not allowed Alco pop advertisements on the television or radio after the 9pm watershed and it essential they adhere to that. Politically would have a detrimental effect to our business the reason being say the ban was to get implemented we would have more teen drinkers sourcing their drink from else were, research shows that “the 2003 licensing act, which brought 24-hour drinking, was also designed to reduce drunken disorder, rather than create a bacchanalian nation with round the clock drinking for all, the government said this would enable premises to stagger closing times, thereby preventing flashpoints for confrontation at 11pm and 2am”

The proposed ban on advertising Alco pops would enforce a negative impact on our business with regards to its inability to promote the product we sell. Following on from this selling our product to customers and organisations would result in a crises affecting having an impact on our business, through revenue it would also sever links with other companies. Further to this it would not only reduce sales but ultimately creating mass job losses within our organisation. If this ban were to be approved the knock on effect for your constituency would be detrimental. As Alco pops is our sole product which we rely on, and a ban on the advertisement would lead to our business being shut down, we would have to close down our factory as we would not be making a profit and are not equipped with the...
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