Agreeableness: Self-esteem and People

Topics: Self-esteem, Sibling, Score Pages: 2 (710 words) Published: August 15, 2012
High Score on Agreeableness
Jatin Sharma, 22, is preparing for C.A final. His facebook account reviles 654 people on his friend list which seems to be a quite a common number these days but what is amusing is that he is also friends with all of them outside this social network domain and moreover almost nobody dislikes him to the extent that they would say something bad about him even in his absence. He found himself trapped in the want of pleasing everyone. Most of his friends unwrap their deep hidden secrets and stories of pain and failure to him which they were never able to share with anyone else. He would not respond much to their stories but he would listen to them patiently for hours. He practically was a human diary for a lot of people. Almost everybody found comfort in him but this was not true vice-versa, he hardly shared his side of the stories to these people. He never had this strong desire to mould other’s thoughts, ideas or preferences even when it came down to petty choices like selecting a place to eat or be it big decisions like choosing the head for a project. he would let people dominate the choices in his life. Also he had this undying urge to help people irrespective of their behaviour or his proximity of relationships with them. He was had always been the responsible elder brother. He would take care of his brother, cousins, friends and even strangers. If he was ever approached for help he would be more than delighted to help them, He would offer his bike to anyone in asked for it and he would end to walking in scorching heat. he had been active member Rotaract Club-an NGO for around six years now. He would feel extremely embarrassed if anyone praised him. In spite of helping so many people he never expected any kind of gratitude, help or favour in return. Many people did not appreciate his kindness and took him for granted. However it did not bother him and he forgave them quickly. Most of the people wanted to work with him because of...
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