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Topics: Nutrition, Self-esteem, Beauty contest Pages: 1 (400 words) Published: December 10, 2012
There shouldn’t be any physical requirements to enter a beauty pageants because it could make young teens become obsessive with their body image and as a result they could resort to things that may harm them just to look a certain way they consider “perfect”. Some negative things that can happen from this is eating disorders, wanting cosmetic surgery to early and even low self esteem. Beauty pageants dates back all the way to the 1800s, the requirements to enter one back then was a height of at least five feet four inches, a weight under 130 pounds, be under 25, and be unmarried. (1) This is a very possible body image but not for everyone. Its very unrealistic for some. Everyone has a different body structure and no one can look exactly the same. Most scientists believe eating disorders is from biological predisposition, emotional difficulties, and cultural pressures. (1) I think the weight requirement since the first pageant encourage young teens to develop eating disorders. A study performed by researchers founded that more than half of Miss America winners since 1970 had a BMI under 20, which is consider very unhealthy. (1) Many young girls learn from media, and some even look up to the girls on Miss America; this is bad because not everyone is thin as the contestants on Miss America. It shows them that being thin and underweight is the most attractive. Since this BMI isn’t possible for everyone some girls will develop a obsession with their weight and start purging or even starving themselves to stay thin like everyone else in pageants. This is very serious because 9% anorexics will die from starvation and for bulimic the stomach acid could damage the reproductive organs or intestine. They also risk complications with their heart or stomach. (1) We should be more realistic when we have pageants because it is said that young children are becoming more concerned with their weight. Researchers interviewed 650 fifth and sixth graders about their attitude about...
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