Affects of Teenage Drinking

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The Affects of Teenage Drinking
Walking down the street, we always see trash lying around or notice people throwing trash out their windows. Littering helps people get rid of trash easier that way they wontso they will not have to stop or go a longer distance. Littering is very convenient for everyone but also shows how lazy our world is. Everyone knows that littering is bad but tsome peoplehey still do it because they don’t do not know the consequences that it can lead to. Littering can be harmful to our nation and can destroy our environment. People need to know what littering can do, and the consequences that it can lead up to. We should work together to make the environment better so it can be the best nation in the world. Therefore, anyone who negatively affects our nation should be more educated. There are many ways our nation can be negatively affected. If part of out country is at risk for physical harm, the nation is negatively affected. If the nation is full of ignorance surrounding important issues, then the nation is also negatively affected. The nation can be negatively affected if people don’t do not understand the importance of making the world a better place. People know that littering is bad for out nation but they still continue to do it.litter. But what about something like drinking? Could alcohol consumption be harming our nation? Alcohol has been around for thousands of years and may have started around 4,000 B.C. during the Egyptian era. According to “Alcohol Problems and Solutions,” alcohol was first being used for religion and worship but now it has many uses, besides enjoyment and relaxation; like nutrients, medicines and antiseptics (Hanson). So while alcohol can be a good thing for many people, it can also be used for just casual drinking with friends and family. Drinking a small amount can be good and not harmful for people at all but then again, if people drink a lot, it can lead to bigger problems. There are 113 million drinkers in our nation and 10 million are teenagers. “The total cost of underage drinking is $58 billion annually, including costs from traffic accidents, violent crimes, suicide attempts and treatment” (Health Assosciation). If teens are drinking a lot now, it can lead to their future and they can become alcoholics. “An alcoholic is a person suffering from alcoholism and is caused by the excessive consumption of alcohol. Being an alcoholic can lead to alcoholism and that is an addiction to the consumption of alcoholic liquor or the mental illness and compulsive behavior resulting from alcohol” ( Because teen drinking is affected by multiple and complex factors, there should be more realistic education for teens and their parents.

Many people believe that programs like the Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program (DARE) can help prevent some of the problems associated with drinking. The DARE program is supposed to give kids skills to avoid involvement with drugs, gangs and violence. According to “Reality-Based Alcohol Education” by David Hanson PhD, “DARE has been declared ineffective by the US Department of Education and the National Academy of Sciences” (Hanson). Teens dondo not ’t always succeed in those programs because all they do is tell the teen what to do and not to do. The programs fail to do is understand where the teen is coming from and why they decide to drink. There should be more effective ways like talking to the teen and helping them realize why they are wrong instead of telling them they are wrong. Parents and other adults need to know how to approach the teen without criticizing and demeaning them because it is more effective. I know some of these programs do not work because I had a friend in one of these programs but it did not help him and he continues to drink. If his parents were more involved and they talked to him in an understanding way, he could of turned out differently. So tTeen drinkers and their...

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