Topics: Woman, Alcoholic beverage, Coffee Pages: 3 (976 words) Published: May 14, 2013
The Drink of Feminism
Cosmopolitan is a very popular magazine among single females in their twenty’s. Majority of females this age tend to drink alcoholic beverages for a number of reasons, including the attempt to stay feeling young and trendy. Single women are also known for going out and drinking in attempt to find a possible mate. In the October 2011 issue, two different companies including Skyy Vodka and Kahlua attempted to create an advertisement to persuade Cosmopolitan reader’s to buy their products. The bold Skyy Vodka advertisement does a better job in persuading females in their twenties to buy their product rather than the Kahlua advertisement due to the use of feminine colors, well places fonts with relatable slogans and it’s messages of going out and having fun. The first reason why Skyy Vodka’s advertisement is more effective than the Kahlua advertisement is because of the use of bright outgoing colors. The background as well as the fruit are hot pink, which naturally grab a feminine woman’s attention. The hand holding the fruit is very well tanned and the woman’s nails are bright red, the colors represent ideal beauty and will also grab the attention of a woman. This will especially attract a single woman because they feel doing things to their appearance such as having bright red nails will attract a male’s attention to them. The entire font is white and the vodka in the martini glass is clear, along with the martini glass itself. This brings the image of a refreshing and natural drink. The bottle of Skyy Vodka is a dark shiny blue, which really pops against the bright pink and draws your eyes to the bottle which has the product name on it. The woman’s hand has a silver metal cuff on it, which brings a slight edginess that a woman would want, especially a woman on the prowl seeking men. The advertisement really pops, the colors are all perfect together and everything on the advertisement is eye catching.

In contrast to the vibrant colors in...
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