Ads Forces Teens

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Research Graphic OrganizerKensley Gilbert
1/14/2015 Add a formal body paragraph with evidence in the space provided below. Include previous sections into this document before submitting this Research Graphic Organizer. Choose a topic: Technology; Sports Equipment; Clothing; Food Questions to research: Are advertisements aimed at teenagers effective? And, are they ethical? My Response: Yes a lot of clothing advertisements are aimed at teens because a lot of teens like to look their best and want to where expensive clothes with name brands. They try and say they have the best price and make their parents wants to buy it and as long as it’s a household name the teens want it. Ads in our society today are not that ethical. There are trying to sell their product to everyone not a specific age group.


Title, URL, and Date of Access
Central Idea
Advertising Targets, Affect Teens, 1/14/15   The main reason of this article is to tell why ads affect teens. Ads show new luxury items that are a must have for everyday teen.

Teens Will Listen To Other Teens in Ads, 1/14/15

 The main reason of this article is to show you how much other teens will listen to ads. How many use social media and the internet. Sneaky Ways Advertisers Target Kids, 1/14/15

 This informs you of the ways advertisers uses to direct kids without them knowing Ethics Standards For Marketing Towards Teenagers, 1/14/15

 This article shows says that teens that are less fortunate will be "fashion bullied. Ethics In Advertising, 1/14/15

 This article states that the ads tell teens what they would like to hear just to get them to buy the product.


Thesis Statement: I think that these ads are unethical because they fool the kids with whatever they want to hear so they'll buy the product, teens could get self-esteem issues, they could get eating disorders from trying to look like the models or other people from the ad.  

I. Ads affect teens
a. Makes them independent buyers
b. Give them self-esteem issues
c. Give them eating disorders
d. Ads just say what teens want to hear
e. Could affect them emotionally and physically
II. Ads make teen independent buyers
a. They give them motivation to go out and buy their product b. When the teens wants the product but parents won't buy it for them c. Ads could make teens more mature in buying their own things III. Ads give teens eating disorders

a. Teens want to look like the gorgeous models they see on TV b. Guy want to look nice and skinny with muscles
c. Teens will change eating habits or stop eating to look like the people in the ads IV. Ads say what the teens want to hear
a. Ads will say anything and everything to get teens to buy their product b. Ads will say that their product will change their life c. Ads will say that the teen will become more popular if they buy the product V. Ads give teens self esteem issues

a. Teen feel like they aren't good enough
b. Teens feel like they can't be pretty
c. Teens think that there is no use in trying to look good


Body Paragraph:
Ads forces teens to become independent buyers. They give them the motivational speech kids they want to hear so they can buy their products. When teens want their product, but their parent won't buy it for them they go out there and do anything to get the product. They fool teens and tell them they don't need any parents...
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