Adolph Coors: the Swot Analysis

Topics: Marketing, Alcoholic beverage, Brewing Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: February 10, 2008
The SWOT analysis
Coors was striving for quality and self-reliance
They had 2 unique aspects of brewing process
Used an aactor stating why Coors was a better beer
First mover, pionered the first all aluminum can
At the beginning Coors sold to only one state
If beer was still on shelves after 60 days it had to be thrown away Threats:
Operating practices led to many strikes and law suits by federal agencies Other companies provided to a lot more states than Coors operation Opportunities:
Consumers demanded product because of the good clean taste
Able to concentrate on excellence because they market just 1 brand of beer at the beginning Had growth because they had their own refrigerated trucks
Most important issues:
onoe of important issues is Coors marketing strategies
Another important issue is production and its cost.
Distribution is very important issue in any company and Coors was no exception Marketing did not really become valid until around 1960's. There was not an urgent need until the population, primarily the baby boomers, became of age. This new era gave reasons for competitors to take their strategy to a higher level. I would not recommend a business to place their items on sale to gain profits, because this act would start a line of questioning and suspicions. Whenever I see a product on sale, especially food and drink, I question the motive. First thing that comes to my mind is what is wrong with the product. Then, I would wonder if they needed to put an item on sale, thenthe product must have not been appealing enough to others ot buy. Therefore, why would I want to make a purchase for an undesirable product? I think I would keep my prices steady and strong and concentrate more on making my product more appealing. Another step would be to offer more brands as Coors did. Another possiblility is to branch out and accommodate those who temporarily cannot drink an alcoholic beverage. For those who are on...
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