60 years of Independence:India's achievements

Topics: Life expectancy, Population, Per capita income Pages: 2 (714 words) Published: August 8, 2014
t has been sixty years since our motherland broke the shackles and unfettered herself from colonial presence.These sixty years have not been easy.Every day,every year has been a story of relentless hard work and perseverance of each and every Indian trying to carve out a niche for their motherland in the international platform.Exactly sixty years hence when have entered the eighth year of the new millennium and have celebrated our sixtieth independence day,we can proudly count on the achievements of our country. On the eve of independence the situation was grim and serious in the country.We were a free country but there were some glaring areas of concern.our per capita income was growing at a scanty rate of 0.5% per annum.Industrial growth was not up to the mark.The life expectancy at birth was barely 36 years.The literacy rate was shockingly low and we had more than half the population below the poverty line.Our country was looked upon with contempt by the west and India was considered a country that was totally backward which lacked in all areas of development be it social,economic or political. The condition was highly critical and grave and thus it was a real predicament for our countrymen to set things right and make a superpower out of rubble but the resilience and hard work of Indians deserves credit.Today things have changed.India is considered to be an emerging superpower of the world.Be it technology,economy or any other area we have inculcated the knack to master all.With the GDP growth touching whopping levels of 9% per annum and a booming sensex the economy seems to be growing at an unprecedented rate. There has been considerable development on the social front as well.The literacy rate has improved significantly with almost three-fourth of the population considered literate now.Health facilities have improved both in terms of infrastructure as well as in terms of skilled personnel.Life expectancy at birth is almost 62 years now.Unemployment levels...
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