The Three Basic Economic Questions

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The Three Basic Economic Questions
1. What to Produce?
what items to produce and how much of each item to produce using its productive inputs in the most efficient manner. 2. How to Produce?
one the decision has been made regarding what to produce. each country must choose which resources productive inputs will be used and in what combinations 3. For Whom to Produce?
should the productive outputs be distributed based on social customs, personal wealth and ownership, or mandated by the government? mandated government- china no youtube or facebook (social customs- north korea the worst)

Basic Economic Systems
Traditional Economy
= one in which economic decisions depend upon social customs and rarely changes from generations to generation. in these societies, religion and culture are more important than personal wealth and material possessions. ( north korea, india marriage) conncected to for whom to produce in tradition

Market Economy
=one in which economic decisions are based on private ownership, where individuals are free to pursue their own self interest. This system is often referred to as capitalism. individuals use their incomes to purchase goods and services. The more income one earns, the more purchasing power they have.

Command Economy
=one in which all productive inputs are owned by the government and central planners within that government decide what items to produce and how much will be produced; how it will be produced and how output will be distributed based upon anticipated future needs of the economy. ex. China majority Africa

Mixed Economy
=one that combines aspects of a market economy and a command econmy; the economy uses both markets and government to make decisions. Most countires today fall under the mixed eonomly definition, however in varying degrees between private and public sector influence ex. Sweden, Canada, USA Economic SystemAdvantagesDisadvantages

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