Statement of Purpose for Accounting

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With the advancement of technology new devices like i-pod i-pad internet occupy a fair of time in our lives today. Without these devices our lives practically seem indispensable. Nowadays reading books seems to have taken a backseat. Reading books not only improves one’s vocabulary but builds one’s imagination which can inspire a person to write. It expands one’s ability to think and analyze beyond the obvious or the stated. It is also a good way to keep stress at bay. It gives you a glimpse of various people and their cultures and broadens one’s vision. There are books which contain arguments about various subjects like .sometimes people agree with such arguments and sometimes they do not. As a result one develops better reasoning skills. One also builds expertise in one’s chosen field of career by reading more and more books on their interest of study like a book on uranium helps a scientist to gain knowledge about the advantages disadvantages and uses of uranium. By reading more books one becomes better informed and more of an expert on the topics one reads about. This expertise translates into higher self esteem. Since you are so well read, people look to you for answers Reading books also helps to build various skills like a cookery book helps one learn how to cook a book on yoga can help one to learn about various yoga postures which in turn lead to spiritual well being and physical fitness. Also there are many self help books available that can inspire and motivate to achieve your goals and also provide solution or advice to one’s problems like the secret discusses in detail about the law of attraction. There are many autobiographies and biographies on famous personalities through which one can learn about their lifestyle their struggles and how they met with success. Like the novel the story of experiments with truth talks about his life from childhood to the time he led the non-co-operation movement. Some more benefits of reading are...
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