Rischard Review Questions

Topics: Overpopulation, Europe, Population Pages: 4 (1387 words) Published: September 26, 2014
1. What are the two big forces that Rischard identified? Briefly tell how each one is relevant to the emergence of global issues?
The two forces that Rischard identified which are relevant to the emergence of global issues are demographic explosion and new world economy. With a global population of nearly six billion, rising to approximately eight billion by the years 2020-2025, the already strained resources will become much more strained and scarce. The second force, new world economy, raises emergence because businesses are now crossing borders and becoming more mobile…some of them global. With resources moving around much more, the infrastructure needs to be updated to accommodate theses leaps. Additionally, policies and laws need to be overhauled to ensure that these organizations are playing fairly, paying the appropriate taxes, etc.

2. Why is the new world economy so radically different from the old world economy?
The new world economy is an environment where information and resources can instantly span the globe with the touch of a button. The old world economy, by contrast, was a much slower place to conduct business. These days, much more work can be accomplished in the same amount of time. With computers to assist with calculations, data storage, sharing and transfer, as well as advancements in transportation, including cars to get people to their destinations faster, trucks, planes and ships to transport goods, the new world economy moves at a much faster pace than was possible before.

3. What does Rischard mean by a crisis of complexity? Is our traditional reliance on reductionist science adequate for dealing with complexity? Explain. We have more data than before but less ways to use it. We wind up with less causal data allowing for cause and effect. As the world population grows and the new world economy adds more and more layers by way of technology advancements and globalization, the need for additional economic, social,...
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